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August 20 2014, 4pm ...16 hours ago

hey, I saw your URL and I'd like to tell you something: I am working on a pb cosplay (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ so when I finish it, I'll send a pic or something, 'cause I want to know what other people from tumblr would think about ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ Btw Rhiannon is a nice name (╯◕_◕)╯

the day of the convention I’ll be wearing a pale make up on my body, but I guess it would possibly look like this. Umm, when I took the picture I hadn’t finished working with the crown. But now it is ready and I guess that all pieced together will be cool 


Ooh yes please do send a pic, I’d love to see how it looks
And thank you! :D

On the meantime, I will try to make a plushie of you know, this cute guy: 

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August 20 2014, 4pm ...16 hours ago

Reblog this if you think it’s okay for girls to have short hair


I’m trying to prove to my mom that girls can have short hair too!! I want to cut my hair really short, but she says only guys can have their hair short. So she won’t let me get it cut despite what I say!! Please please help me out here and reblog this and spread it, because I would like to prove her wrong.

August 18 2014, 8pm ...2 days ago



checks grades

*bastille voice* how am i gonna be an optimist about this

well if you close your eyes

August 18 2014, 5pm ...2 days ago

  • Katara: So, me and Aang are getting married
  • Toph: oh
  • well
  • i don't usually like to do things like this
  • but do you think i could be maid of-

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